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This is a pretty good guide to hiring a ghostwriter

Andrew Crofts is one of the most successful ghosts around; this is a very sensible, straightforward guide to finding and hiring the right ghost for you. I can’t stress enough that the chemistry has to be right – we’ll be spending a lot of time together!       How to Hire a Ghostwriter –…
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The Good Immigrant

Really terrific piece extracted from the book The Good Immigrant published by Unbound on 22/9/2016.   Read more here You can buy the book here    

New books 2016

This year's crop

Interesting for both the terrifying prospect and the mind set of the ghostwriter

The New Yorker

Ghost writers often find themselves in very sensitive situations: they are privy to information about their subjects that few people – even close family – know about. This article is fascinating not only for the portrait of the man who wants to lead the USA but also for the insight it gives into the dilemma…
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May, June and July reading

Very busy again but have managed to fit in some terrific reading over the past few months. Top of the list is    Perfidia James Ellroy I’m a huge fan of James Ellroy – just like everyone else who gets him. The language, pace, detail and intricate plot all make for a totally absorbing read….
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March and April

It’s been such a hectic couple of months that my reading has suffered a little. In March and April, though, I did get through (with a hint of the toil it demanded) The Buried Giant and, with less effort, The First Bad Man. Short reviews below. The classics reading project has stalled – not much…
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January and February reading

January and February have been very full on with birthdays, weekends away, finishing a book and preparing it for the printers and reading way too many manuscripts. As a result, there are so many good things piled up on my bedside table, I hardly know where to turn next. Here’s what I got through in…
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December Reading List

Featuring The Moth and Dante's Inferno

Dante, Inferno (Anchor Books) Some friends and I have decided to tackle Literature (capital ‘l’) that we feel we should have read but haven’t got round to (or need moral support to get through). Inferno is the first of these. We used the Hollander translation (Anchor Books). It was a very rewarding read. So many…
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November Reading List

Featuring Steven Pinker, Stephen King, Alice Hoffman, Ian McEwan, Mary Costello

Steven Pinker, The Sense of Style (Allen Lane, The Penguin Press) A really good, fresh approach to style – geared much more towards non-fiction writing than fiction. It’s at its best, in the first half, when dissecting what works and why. The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century Stephen…
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