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Are You Smarter Than Your Kid?


A fun, challenging and informative quiz book for all ages, based on the hugely popular TV show ‘Child Genius’, hosted by Richard Osman.

You’ve watched the show. You’ve marvelled at the jaw-dropping genius of the mini Mensa minds. You’ve seen the parents biting their nails from the sidelines. Well, now it’s your turn to take your place in the spotlight and discover once and for all: will YOU make the cut and be crowned Child Genius?

Are You Smarter Than Your Kid? is the Child Genius family test book you’ve been waiting for. Go head to head with your children, nieces and nephews to find out who has what it takes to make it through the nerve-shredding pressure and tough mental combat required to win the quiz of all quizzes.

Packed full of challenging questions that will take you to the limit, as well as ‘did you know’ info-boxes on memory tricks, tips for the best brain food, ways to get your nerves under control and Mensa’s 17 signs of a child genius, this is the ultimate guide to the secrets every genius needs to know.

With an introduction from charismatic quizmaster extraordinaire Richard Osman, this is your chance to put your family to the test like never before and find out who is the real brainiac of the family.

Quizzes include: Spelling and Comprehension; Linguistic Memory; Maths; Memory Challenge; History; Science; General Knowledge; Logic and Reasoning; Advanced language; The Sudden Death Challenge; and more!

Publication Details:

Published: October 18, 2018
Publisher: Quercus
Book Type: Book
ISBN 13: 9781787476608

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