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Book proposals: the necessary evil

I’ve been working with an adventurer for the past few months. The book, when it comes out, will be an account of his many expeditions every one of which has provoked observations about the nature of life-changing moments and how to handle them. The author is interesting, the experiences compelling, and the insights he has…
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How to Get Started on Your Book

How to start writing your book with a ghostwriter

‘Regrettable lapels’

  I don’t know about you, but when I pick a non-fiction title in a bookshop, I flick straight to the back in search of the index. It’s an old habit formed of an awareness that a well-constructed index is perhaps the most reliable and efficient means to understand what a book is really about…
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Voicing Concerns

Getting the right voice for your book

How to work with a ghostwriter

You’ll have discussed between you the content, the readership and target dates; you have your contract and are now excited about getting cracking on your book. It’s taken a while to get to this stage after all.  But how does it actually work in practice? How does the process of getting your life, your experiences,…
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‘… on the shores of darkness…’

Only four days in and November really hasn’t been the best, has it? Without repeating every line of the list of rubbish things that have happened and those that are, as I write, ‘rubbish-in-progress’, the first week of November 2020 is fast becoming the very model of Rubbish First Weeks. One item on that list…
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How to find a ghostwriter

There are hundreds of us, all over the world, lots with impressive CVs and credits to our names. How do you even begin to decide which to approach about your book? I think the first useful thing most authors can do is to think about the kind of book they want to publish: are there…
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Ever had the urge to tell your story? Or publish the story that’s been developing slowly but convincingly in your head over several years? Ever wanted to expound your business thinking, your thoughts on how to live a good life or describe the culture you find so fascinating? Have you sat down many times in…
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